Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feed the hummingbirds

What you need:
Adult supervision
1 cup sugar
4 cups water
Hummingbird feeder
What you do:
Boil the water and sugar for 1-2 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool.
Fill the hummingbird feeder and hang near a window.
Extra mixture can be stored in the refrigerator
Change the food in your feeder every 3-4 days or when it becomes cloudy.
Put out your feeder in early May and leave your feeder up for three weeks after seeing your last hummingbird.

length 76 - 95 mm
they flap their wings about 55 times per second.
are attracted to the colour red, that's why most feeders have red on them
humming birds feed approximately every 15 minutes
normal flight speed is about 25 MPH
life span is about 4 years on average. The record is 12.
each spring they migrate across the Gulf of Mexico, which is about a 1300 km trek.


Here is a recipe to make some bubble solution for bubble blowing.
What you need:
1/2 cup dish washing detergent
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup glycine (available at most drug stores)

What you do:
Mix all the ingredients together. Stir gently.
If you don't have any bubble blowers, you can use straws.

Giraffe and a Kazoo

Easy KazooYou'll Need:

toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes

crayons and/or markers

wax paper cut to ~4"x4"

square rubber bands

stickers (optional)

Color and decorate the long or short tube with crayons, markers & stickers. Secure a piece of wax paper to one end of the tube using a rubber band.Poke 4-6 small holes in the wax paper using a pencil.Talk, sing, hum, or make noises into the uncovered opening. The vibration will make the buzzing sound of a Kazoo.

Did you know a Giraffe could Bark?

Use the great out doors for art supplies with this giraffe

You'll need:

Decorative bark broken into small pieces

Cardboard (cereal box would do)

Yellow/brown Paint

your child draw their best giraffe on the cardboard.

You can cut it out if they are too young.

Paint it the giraffe color of choice.

Place the bark pieces on with lots of glue.

Use grass for the mane & dirt or sand on for the hooves.

Cool Mobile

Sea shells
Nylon fishing line (available at craft stores)
Wooden skewer, small branch, or wooden dowel
Colored beads (optional)
Use shells that have a natural hole in them String the fishing line through the hole
Tie knots at preferred intervals to create space between shells
Add colored beads as desired

Tie strings to wooden skewer and hang!

Milk Carton Waterwheel (Great for a hot day)

The milk carton waterwheel is a fun way to play with water on a hot, sunny day. Put on your thinking caps and your bathing suits! An adult may need to help kids out when they do this summer water activity.

What You'll Need:
Paper milk carton
How to Make a Milk Carton Waterwheel:
Step 1: Use a pencil to poke a hole in the bottom left-hand corner of each of the four sides of a paper, half-gallon milk carton.
Step 2: With scissors, poke a hole in the top flap of the milk carton (an adult may need to help kids do this).
Step 3: Tie a string through this hole, and tie the carton to a tree branch or something similar.
Step 4: While covering the holes in the milk carton with your fingers, have a helper pour water into the carton.
When the carton is filled, take your fingers off the holes and see what happens to the milk carton as the water flows out. You've created a waterwheel!

Water Purse

Onion or other mesh produce bag
Plastic twine
Plastic clip
BoldWeave a length of plastic twine (or other waterproof material) around the onion bag's opening to serve as a drawstring.
About halfway around the bag, weave the twine through the loop of a plastic clip, like the kind commonly sold as key chains.

** Saw this on family fun and thought it was neat.....


What you'll need:
Popsicle molds
Juice, soft drink mix (non-carbonated), yogurt, or pudding
How to make it:
Carefully pour liquid into mold. Fill only as far as you want the first layer. Do not insert the mold handles. Freeze.
When the first layer is frozen, add the second layer of liquid. Insert the mold handles and freeze again.
Remove from freezer and take out the handles. Fill with remaining liquid and put the mold handles back in. Freeze.
Remove finished Popsicles from the freezer and run the molds under warm water to loosen. Popsicles should slide out.
You can add drops of food coloring to plain or vanilla yogurt to make fun layered frozen yogurt pops. Mix the yogurt and food coloring in a separate bowl and then add to the molds.
Pudding freezes well. Layer different flavors and colors for a fun effect.
Find Popsicle molds at discount department stores. You can also use ice cube trays — just fill the tray, cover it in plastic wrap, then insert toothpicks or mini Popsicle sticks for handles.

Bicycle Horn

What you'll need:
1 bicycle horn
Instant grab fast dry glue
How to make it:
Pipe a line of instant grab glue down the length of the horn.
Gently press sequins into the glue. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you've gone all the way around the horn.
Glue some sequins around the ring near the horn's bulb.

Other decorative items you could use are glitter or small beads.
Instant grab glue is available from your local craft supply store.