Thursday, July 8, 2010

Giraffe and a Kazoo

Easy KazooYou'll Need:

toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes

crayons and/or markers

wax paper cut to ~4"x4"

square rubber bands

stickers (optional)

Color and decorate the long or short tube with crayons, markers & stickers. Secure a piece of wax paper to one end of the tube using a rubber band.Poke 4-6 small holes in the wax paper using a pencil.Talk, sing, hum, or make noises into the uncovered opening. The vibration will make the buzzing sound of a Kazoo.

Did you know a Giraffe could Bark?

Use the great out doors for art supplies with this giraffe

You'll need:

Decorative bark broken into small pieces

Cardboard (cereal box would do)

Yellow/brown Paint

your child draw their best giraffe on the cardboard.

You can cut it out if they are too young.

Paint it the giraffe color of choice.

Place the bark pieces on with lots of glue.

Use grass for the mane & dirt or sand on for the hooves.

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