Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pirate Chest Toddler Crafts

Pirate Chest Toddler Crafts
Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed: Construction Paper (and any other colors you would like) - Scissors - Glue or Tape - Crayons - Tea Box

Step 1: Tea boxes are perfect for a pirate treasure chest because they are shaped like a chest. Take your tea box and help your toddler cover it with which ever color of construction paper you want, yellow or brown are often the first choices. You can tape or glue the paper on the outside and the inside of the tea box.
Feel free to use any empty food box that you may have for this craft if you do not have an empty tea box that would work for the chest.
Step 2: Next cut out circles for your gold coins. You can use white paper and have our toddler color them silver and gold of cut them out of colored construction paper. Also cut out diamond and rubies shapes so your pirate treasure chest can have some jewels in it. Cut out the shape of a lock for you pirate treasure chest as well to keep all of the riches safe.
You and your toddler can really have fun deciding what treasures your treasure chest will hold.

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