Sunday, August 8, 2010

Toddler Silent Piano Craft

Toddler Silent Piano Craft
Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed: Black and White Construction Paper (and any other colors you would like) - Scissors - Glue or Tape - Crayons (Option) - Cereal Box

Pianos are huge and can make a lot of noise but they can also be fun to play. The best way to encourage your toddler's interest in a piano without owning a piano or at least one that you can turn the volume down on is to make a silent piano with them.
Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to cut out the keys for your silent piano craft. Cut out white strips for your white keys, making them a little bit longer than half the width of the cereal box that you will be using. Then cut out your black keys, making them shorter and a less wide than the white keys.
In most cases cutting paper isn't an option for toddlers. The first step can be something that you can do ahead of time before starting the craft with your toddler and something that you can help your young child with.
Step 2: With all of your black and white keys cut you can help your toddler glue the white strips down to the front of the cereal box that is your piano. If you do not have glue or find it too messy for your toddler you can help them tape the keys down. There is no need to make the white strips evenly spaced but it helps for the piano to look better if you do.
Leaving a small amount of space between each key will actually help the look of the piano.
Step 3: Once you glued (or taped) all of your white keys in place you can begin to put the black keys on. If you want to make the piano more realistic you will want to space the black keys in a way that will resemble how they are on an actual piano. On a standard keyboard you have two black keys next to one another then a space and then three
black keys next to one another and then the whole then starts over again. Place the black keys so they are are a bit away from the front of the piano.

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