Sunday, August 8, 2010

Toddler Train Craft

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed: Index Cards (optional) - Construction Paper - Scissors - Glue or Tape - Crayons (Optional) - Three Cereal Boxes - At Least 3 Toilet Paper Rolls - String

You can make this toddler train craft as long as you want, keep in mind that each toilet paper roll that you have can be used for a train car. Also the length of string that you use will determine your trains size.
Step 1: Cut a piece of string, colorful yarn works very nicely, the length of what you want your train to be, including enough excess string to pull the train. Cut one third of a toilet paper roll off. If you are using index cards trim the bottom so that there are two half circles at the bottom of the card for the train car's wheels. Use three index card for each train car that have.
If you are using construction paper in place of the index card simply cut out rectangles the size of an index card (3x5 in.) and trim in the "wheels". Keep in mind that you will need an index card for the train car roof, but that will not require any trimming.
Step 2: Have your toddler color the index card or construction paper. Let them use their creativity by choosing different colors, and what designs that want the train car to have. Older children (or you) can draw in such things as windows, doors or hatches on the different sides and roofs of the train cars.
If you want to avoid crayons you can paste on different shapes of construction paper.

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