Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alphabet Lake

Turn those refrigerator letter magnets into Alphabet Lake, and let your kids fish 'em out!

Magnetic letters: Pull them off the fridge!

Stick: Check your yard or local park…or use one of the 7 magic wands your kid has lying around.

String: Yarn will do nicely.

Magnet: One of those u-shaped ones is best.

Duct tape

Kiddie pool/ Or bath tub

Help your kid duct tape or knot a floor-length piece of string to one end of the stick. The length will vary depending on your child's height.

Work with your child to tie the U-shaped magnet to the other end of the string and voila, a fishing pole. That was easy!

Go get the hose and have your kid help you fill the kiddie pool with water.

Get the kids to toss in all of the magnetic letters.

Have them go fishing for the letters with the magnetized fishing pole.

The U-shaped magnet should attract the letters for an easy catch!

Older kids can try to fish out the letters of their name, or a meaningful phrase. How about, "Thanks!"

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