Sunday, March 28, 2010

Child's Garden

Children learn many lessons while gardening, math, reading, science, weather, patience, responsibility and pleasures of physical work.

If you have a younger child they love to pick the food from the garden and when they are old enough they can have their own.

One let the child do their own racking and hoeing. Start seeds inside early with the children.

Growing tom thumb corn is great for children it only grows three feet instead of six and matures in only 85 days. Dry what corn you do not eat and make popcorn!!

Grow cherry tomatoes are dependable and great for snacking right in the garden.

Grow gourds they are very decorative and multicolored.

Grow sunflowers how fun!

Grow pumpkins.

Grow Strawberries.

Other Idea's

Paint stepping stones with your child for their garden. Or just paint rocks and place them in their garden.

Set up a pumpkin stand and let your child sell the pumpkins half the money goes in to their college fund the other half for something special.

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