Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marble Paintings

Feel like you're losing your marbles trying to keep your kid entertained? Well, don't lose them—use them!

White printer paper
A bunch of shooter marbles: The big kind
Craft paint: In lots of colors
Dixie cups: One per paint color
A cake pan or any rectangular dish that's a few inches deep and won't break
Plastic spoons

Pour a little paint into each paper cup.

Have your kid gently put a few marbles into each cup.

Put a piece of paper into the cake pan.

Then have your kid scoop out some marbles with a plastic spoon and dump them into the cake pan.

Have them roll the marbles all over. The marbles will make a cool pattern on the paper.

Get them to try it with marbles dipped in all the different color paints.

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