Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Gardening Ideas

Once the children have chosen their plants, make some photocopies and help them cut out the pictures. Then let the kids glue popsicle sticks on the backs of each one and allow them to dry. Finally, cover both sides of the pictures with clear, adhesive shelf paper to protect them from outdoor elements, like sun and rain. Now the kids have decorative plant labels for their garden. Let them stick the label in their designated locations after planting.

Making a Milk/Juice Carton BirdhouseFind and clean, 4 litre, paper juice carton and let it dry out completely. Help your child staple the top closed and add some small drainage holes along the bottom of the carton with a pencil. Then measure and cut a one-inch entrance hole in the front centre of the carton, approximately two inches up from the bottom. Place a slit below the entrance and gently slide an ice-lolly stick (or similar object) through for use as a perch. Add two more holes in the top and run wire through for hanging. Allow your child to paint the birdhouse or glue embellishments on instead such as twigs, small shells, buttons, etc. Add a coat or two of polyurethane and hang the birdhouse from a small tree or porch eave.

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