Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leftover Puzzle Piece Crafts

Photo Frame (Sorry on picture)

Materials Needed:
4 Craft Sticks
Puzzle Pieces
Tab From a Soda Can
Craft Glue
Instructions:Glue the craft sticks together at the edges to make a frame. Glue the puzzle pieces around the craft stick frame. Trim the photo to the same size as the frame and then glue it to the back side of the frame. Finally, glue the pop tab to the back to use as a hanger.
If you want, you could paint the puzzle pieces before gluing them onto the frame. You can also try gluing magnets to the back of the picture.

Puzzle Piece Picture (Sorry no picture)

What You’ll Need:
white poster board
jigsaw-puzzle pieces
crayons or markers

How to Make It:
Draw a simple picture on white poster board.
Find an old jigsaw puzzle that is missing a few pieces. Sort the pieces into color groups. Glue them onto your picture. Or paint the backs of the pieces, then glue them on with the painted sides up.

Color a scene around your puzzle-piece picture.

Puzzle Piece Butterfly

You Need:
Puzzle Pieces from Old Puzzles

Craft Wire/pipe cleaners
Paint and Brushes

Paint puzzle pieces in bright colors. Paint a black head and body. Cut a 3" piece of craft wire/pipe cleaners. Fold in half and bend into antennae shapes. Glue to the back of the butterfly. Glue on pin or magnet.


Large pieces from old puzzle
Wiggle eyes

Paint puzzle pieces in your favorite alien color. Let dry

Glue on wiggle eyes.

Draw on other alien features.

Enjoy creating your own stories about beings from far away planets.

Puzzle People

Large jigsaw puzzle pieces
Paint brush
Wiggle eyes
Scraps of yarn and ribbon
Red thin line marker
Bits of beads and trim

Select a piece of puzzle that looks like it has two ears.

Paint the back of it to represent the skin tone that represents the child making it.

Glue yarn hair, wiggle eyes and bits of trim to represent earrings.

Draw on mouth, nose and freckles.

Tie ribbons in yarn hair if you desire.


  1. So simple! hadn't really thought of using them individually, very cute idea.

  2. you could drill holes in the upper & lower parts of the butterfly wings & connect them with jump rings to make a bracelet!