Monday, April 19, 2010


Junk Mail

Materials: Old shoebox and junk mail

Make a mail box by cutting a slot in the top of a shoebox. Then cover the box with paper or wrapping paper, and write Mail on the box. Your toddler can put the junk mail in his mailbox and take them out.

Learning: Pretend play, eye hand coordination

Car Wash

Materials: Foamy shaving cream, bowl of water, small towel and toy cars

Squirt a small pile of foamy shaving cream in one end of the table or dishpan then put a shallow bowl of water in the center. Lay a small towel at the other end now your toddle can wash their toy cars has your toddle drive the cars through the foamy shaving cream.

Learning: Pretend play, sequencing


  1. Oh, I love the car wash one and so will the kids! Totally doing that today! :) Thanks!